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      We are always looking for new opportunities to partner with models, streamers, and other cool content creators outside of this modeling program. If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, email us with the subject 'MODEL INQUIRY' - info@dirtybourbonclothing.com

      We pick unique models through applications for every program, so if you weren't selected you may apply again. We do NOT pick models based on their follower numbers, or social media platforms. We pick based on quality of photos & answers to questions. It's important to us to share the stories behind the photos & not just the photos themselves.



      • Burn It Down Tee: CLOSED - 10 Models selected out of 540
      • No Spoons, No Fucks Tee: CLOSED - 10 Models Selected out of 1232
      • I'm Just Tired Tee: Submissions CLOSED - 10 Models Selected out of 385


      • N/A